our mission


Our Mission

Successful actors have agents, managers and publicists to help guide their careers.  Until now, no one has provided this guidance for actors who are just launching their careers. College To Career Acting fills the void and guides performers through these two important transitions.

The first transition is the one from high school to college. Most colleges and conservatories require an audition component to the application process. The experts at CTCA will guide actors through this process by providing access to fresh and innovative material for monologues, helping them choose the best material to showcase their individual talents and strength and then, working with them to fine-tune their audition submissions to increase their chances of acceptance into the schools of their choice.

The second transition is from college into the professional world. CTCA helps actors develop a professional “tool kit” equipped with strategies, clear objectives and access to the resources that will empower them to succeed in the professional world.  The focus in college is on the craft of acting, and college programs do a tremendous job in their preparation. However, the transition from Academia to the Industry requires a unique set of skills and strategies. CTCA teaches students how to connect with their colleagues in the Film/TV community and market themselves to those who will hire them.

In order to succeed, actors need to also understand how to market themselves appropriately, network to identify opportunities, understand and prepare for the audition process, and finally, secure the right agent and manage their careers.

With personal knowledge from both sides of the acting process, CTCA will help you identify and create a personalized game plan geared to get you from where you are to where you want to be, from College To Career.